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What's up?

I use this app daily. I prefer the one on my ipad. It was no update, which leaves me very unhappy because no other app does what this app does.

Almost worked

I got further with this app than most regarding actually editing my instant queue. Most others locked up when trying to edit instant queue. This one allowed the edit, but after clicking "done" and then "refresh", didn't save new order.


Piece of crap. The website is good but this app is so poorly programmed. Awfully slow and the graphics overlays with the time bar of the iPad. Not worth the download time.

Not Working Properly

Love the computer version not this one. It lists no TV shows. I also find all the pic icons very inefficient. Hope this gets fixed soon. Not very useful as it stands right now.


Like the idea of extending the great website as an app, but the one fault I find is if there is no image form the movie, you do not know what the movie is.

Love this App!

Love this App! There is so much content that is worth watching on Netflix but it is so hard to find on Netflix. This a great tool to help me find the next thing to Watch. Thank you Kaja Software!

"Cannot queue top-level series"

I logged into my account and I get this message for many titles. I had no problem adding them with free CineTap. What good is this app?

Junk with ads

Terrible app. Not the same movies as the website shows, indeed the website seems more interesting. Icon only display of films makes browsing for a film slower. Multiple useless repetitions of the exact same film or tv show with identical useless icons. Just overall sloppy and annoying. And to cap it off there are annoying, intrusive banner ads across the bottom of the screen that cannot be turned off and that impinge on the viewing area. I hate when "free" apps take their price as a license to publish junk. The price is that it wastes users' time.


I think the setup is cool and seems like a can search for movies quicker. I'm sure future updates will provide sub-genere options.


Better than nothing but it needs to show the sub genres to be really useful. It amazes me how bad netflicks own search is. The website is no frills but useful. This is only mildly useful. Two stars.

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